Below are useful documents in pdf format and online forms that can be used during an Impact Group.   Feel free to print out what you need.


We feel that ‘Agreements’ are the key to a healthy Impact Group.

The Biblical word for Agreement is Covenant. It was a solemn agreement between two or more parties, made binding by some sort of oath. What was mutually agreed upon was usually the future conduct of one or both of the parties concerned.

Leader Host Guide to “Impact Group Agreement Forms
Download and use to explain the Impact Group agreement to your Impact Group.

Impact Group Agreement Form (Group Form)
Download the Impact Group agreement. This form has a place for all members of the group to sign and once completed should be turned into the Site Pastoral Leader or the person responsible for Impact Groups.

Impact Group Agreement Form (Individual Form)
Download individual agreement. This form is for the individual members to fill out and take home.

Misc Forms

Impact Group Feedback Form
Download, print, fill it in and then give it to the Site Pastoral Leader or the person responsible for Impact Groups.  It is used to help our Impact Group staff and Leader Hosts to know how your Impact Group experience went, what went well, or any potential changes we should consider.

First Night Agenda
Agenda for the first meeting.


Intake Forms for Leader Hosts

Do you want to lead and host an Impact Group? Can you recommend someone to lead and host?  Contact us by filling out the appropriate online form below:

• Leader Host Intake (currently unavailable)
Fill out this form if you are interested in Hosting an Impact Group.

• Recommend a Leader Host (currently unavailable)
A form for Impact Group Leaders to recommend potential new Leader Hosts.


Impact Group – Leader Host Expectations

We have provided helpful resources for Leader Hosts to help you get off to a great start with your group.

The Leader Host Group Leader Expectations and Assistant Leader Host Expectations are great tools for staying organised and getting prepared for the meeting.

Need help with group prayer?  Then check out the Group Prayer Tips as they will be useful in getting a group praying together.

We have collected lots of ideas for a group social. You can view ideas for Perth Here and for Sydney Here.  If you have an idea to add, let us know.