Every Impact Group is led by a LEADER H.O.S.T.

Not everyone sees themselves as a leader or a ‘discipler’ but most people believe that they are capable of being a host. A good host causes people to feel comfortable, secure and most importantly welcome.

There are four qualifications for being an Impact Group LEADER H.O.S.T.

• Have a heart for people.
• Open up a place to meet.
• Serve something to drink.
• Turn on TV or computer.

We use the term HOST and Group Leader interchangeably with the title ‘Leader Host’ being the most descriptive.

This website provides you and your group members with all the tools you require to lead and host your group members and yourself in seeking to grow in spiritual maturity.


Apprentice Leader Host

Every Impact Group has a ‘Leader Host’ and an ‘Apprentice Leader Host’. Together they lead and care for the group.

An Apprentice Host assists the Leader Host with a view to hosting their own group in time.